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At times when there is no story to publish, some news portals broadcast the general stories as breaking news just to capture the attention of the people. The strategy for grab attention may work for them in the short run but in the long run it's almost somewhat that they are going to lose their audience. This will happen as they are irritating with their viewers by covering general events labeled as breaking news.

Whenever people hear the term "Breaking News" a sense of inescapable hits our brain. By surprise we start paying more attention to that news. This is nothing uncommon for the brain of human being. Humans brain responds to unusual things at a rapid pace than it does to normal thing. The online media Mnewsindia tries to make the best to catch the attention of the people.

One of the main sources of such online news is the internet portals. Online news portals are the leading visual medium to publicize such news from time to time. Mostly, these online news stories appear on a scroll when the news is not being telecast. During the news hour, alongside the scroll the breaking news is also given more time and extensive reporting. But, some portals overstate the importance of a story and covers little important stories as the breaking news.

Latest Breaking News in Hindi | Latest Breaking News in India

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It is a great honor for me to be an active member in this forum, which I hope will live long active. Very rewarding and interesting. Especially continue as well. cordially

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